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Starting Out as a York Wedding Photographer

York wedding photographerMaking the decision to be an entrepreneur or the owner of your own business takes a lot of courage. Why? Because, the responsibilities that come with running a self-owned business is not something that should be taken lightly. As the owner, you are involved in everything from securing capital for the business to managing the finances, converting leads to clients, paying the bills incurred by the business and basically ensuring that the survival of your York Wedding Photographer outfit is not threatened. With the responsibilities, it is quite easy for anyone to be overwhelmed.

However, moving away from the many responsibilities that business owners are usually saddled with, another thing you have to look at is how to maintain the growth of the business especially when you are starting out. For a new business, one thing that is important to note is that for the very first year, you aim should not be to make profit! If you manage to breakeven then that is good but most businesses in their first few years often make a loss.

Your aim for at least two years of your starting out is to gain visibility and amass clients. So, ho can you do that? Read below:

  • Network

One thing you need to get comfortable with at the early stage of starting out is network. The best way to get business and referrals is by going through people you know and having them recommend you to interested parties. As you start a circle of reaching out to family and friends who in turn connect with people they know on our behalf, you build a large network for yourself to have options for clients.

  • Attend trade fairs

Another thing you can do to boost the reach of your network is to interact with people in the same field as you. Your idea is to be a York wedding photographer meaning your niche is photography and weddings. Therefore, why not attend trade fairs that are solely targeted for people like you. For example, weddings have a host of vendors from florists, decorators, caterers, planners etc. You might even see other photographers like yourself who are looking for supplementary photographers to ease their work load.

  • Build a website

We live in the digital age where basically everything you do is tied in one way or the other to the internet. Most people call the internet the global village which aims at keeping people from all parts of the world connected. So, what better alternative can you think of to make yourself visible to the general public other than social media and websites? Maintaining a digital presence is very key in maintaining the visibility of your brand. You can also do yourself a whole world of good by getting listed on google business pages. With the help of Google who lets your website be ranked on search engines you can as well turn visitors to your site to paying customers.

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Why a York Wedding Photographer Attend Wedding Rehearsals

York wedding photographerYou may have read blogs of wedding photographers talking about wedding rehearsals. Some of them think that it’s pretty useless trying to attend every one of them because you can’t really get much once you’re already used to the job. For a professional York wedding photographer, this is an important issue that may help you maintain your quality or gain better leverage for wedding photography.

Scouting the venue

An important part of preparing for a wedding photography is to scout the venue you will be working at. This is a job where you don’t to practice beforehand or ask the people to redo what they were doing to get that shot again. You will have to capture the moments as they happen, unable to script or direct most of what’s going to unfold.

That’s why you need to plan your position early. While you scout the place, you can anticipate the number of guests, where they will be crowding at and how you can avoid them and get to your strategic position. It’s also important to discuss this with your clients while you do it, so they know if you need certain places to be free of crowds for best results.

Some places also don’t allow any form of picture-taking until the ceremony is over. For that kind of place, it may do well if you and your client talk about how to best do it. Maybe your photographer will secretly take the pictures or there has to be a location allocated for your photographer once it’s allowed to.

Wedding rehearsal picture

This is just going to be a practice session for your clients, but this is a very fun and special day, too. While most people feel nervous and look stiff on their wedding day, they are usually cheerful and more relaxed on their rehearsal day. Snap some of the pictures to be included in the wedding album and you know they’ll love it.

http://www.joannebphotography.co.uk/ is the site of a professional York wedding photographer and she likes helping her clients to capture not just their wedding pictures, but the days that build up to it. Rehearsal is one of those big days where people get ready for a really big change in their life.

Respect and support

Attending the rehearsal that you have been invited to also shows respect to the couple. They invited you for a reason and showing up for their wedding rehearsal is a type of support that you can give to them. Even though you haven’t known them for long or spend a lot of time with them. This is a good chance to get to know them even better and perfect your plan.

Make sure they feel comfortable around you and know what you are going to do on their wedding day. They’ll find it easier to follow your direction later and you will be grateful to have made it less awkward on the rehearsal day.

Attending a rehearsal may take hours, but it’s definitely worth the time of a professional York wedding photographer and makes your couple feels appreciated and cared for.

Does a Wedding Photographer Need Insurance?

York wedding photographerIt’s the big question that many photographers had answered the hard way. As a York wedding photographer, you might be wondering why an insurance is important. What do you get from it?

You don’t need a fire to break out before you install the fire alarm. We don’t want you, a professional photographer, to go through unfortunate incidents before you decide that getting an insurance is important.

You stay protected

This is the main purpose of insurance. The kind of protection that you get tend to be the ones that deal you a lot of money. You never know when you’ll be faced with such moments and that’s why insurance is important.

For example, you lost your camera 3 days before a job. The battery and memory card is also lost with it. Buying a new one isn’t cheap and it might even cost the same with the amount you’re paid for that job. Insurance can help cover that fee, however, and let you buy a new one without having to spend a cent. This is just an example of how you can protect yourself in the case of emergency.

You show seriousness

If you’re serious about your job, you definitely don’t want to miss it. One way to keep your career free of hindrances is to have an insurance that will act as a safety net. A professional career is a long way that requires effort, time and discipline. It can all be for naught in just a moment.

Learn from a professional York wedding photographer. You can see her site at www.joannebphotography.co.uk. She’s very serious when she says that you’d be stupid to not have an insurance with you. What’s the harm in protecting yourself and your career in the long run? Clients tend to think that she’s the real deal when she mentions it and shows her proof.

How passionate are you about your job?

Investment and protection

Remember that insurance doesn’t just suck out your money. It’s also a form of investment for you. You won’t lose your money unless you’ve claimed too many times. Most company will even give a big discount for their clients that never claimed for a certain amount of time.

Getting an insurance, in the beginning, may seem to be heavy. The cost isn’t cheap and you might think that it’s such a waste of money if nothing happens. We don’t hope for anything to happen, remember.

Clients and venues need it

Some venues favor one photographer over another due to the fact that they are, of course, professional and also insured. In the case anything happens, they can always count on the photographer’s insurance to deal with it.

Some clients are pretty worrywarts and they won’t do if their photographer simply isn’t insured. It’s not a weird thing because the wedding isn’t something that you do every day. It’s a very special occasion. No one wants it ruined and one will do everything to prepare for that day.

There are many reasons for a York wedding photographer to take out an insurance, but if protection isn’t a strong enough reason, no one would know what is.