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Essential Things To Do In Wedding Photography

Discuss everything ahead

wedding photographyOne thing that a lot of people seem to miss during the wedding photography shoot planning process is the fact that although the bride may be very involved with everything that has to do with it, she won’t always be around to actually oversee things according to her preference once the wedding day comes. What this means is that you probably won’t have anyone to consult for any last minute decisions that need to be made if you don’t plan ahead for it. You need to make sure that you are able to do so no matter what happens. You need to discuss this particular eventuality with the bride. Ask for to introduce you to someone she trusts and to someone who is obviously a big part of the wedding planning process.

You need to know this person ahead of time and establish a good relationship with her s that you will be able to provide the wedding photography coverage with no hang-ups and with no awkwardness as well on either side. The wedding is always centered on the bride and it won’t look good if you keep running up to her to ask her what she things about certain things regarding your coverage. This is what the proxy will be good for. all eyes will be on the bride so there is a pretty good chance that she won’t have time to spare to do your sign offs with you.

Bring sticky tape

One of the most practical standard office supply that you can bring in to your wedding photography shoot is the good old trusty sticky tape. This is something that will really be able to get you out of a pinch especially if you would have to deal with certain fashion emergencies such as trouser hemming coming loose or dresses that tend to not fit as well as they should. It will constantly surprise you how bad the tailoring job is at times for occasions like these, everything is usually being rushed and that means that the quality is at times compromised. You shouldn’t let the little things like these derail you from smoothing your wedding photography shoot over though. A roll of sticky tape will be able to really kiss your fashion related problems away so make sure that you always have the foresight to bring one with you whenever you have a photo shoot to work on.

Know the sequence

It’s always great to have a wedding photography plan for the sequence of events so that you are able to always keep yourself in check and so that you are always able to assure yourself that you are right on the ball on things and on the events that come along. There will always be spontaneous and unplanned moments along the way though and if you are able to think fast enough to really capture it and to use it to your advantage; they can actually turn out to be one of the most interesting photos that you will ever get to take during the event. Like this Norfolk wedding photographer, always keep an eye out for moments like these and be a little forgiving if they make you segue a little from your planned schedule.

Get Started With Wedding Photography

Begin now

wedding photographyStarting a wedding photography business may sound like an extremely daunting task at first but what you need to know and understand is that if this is something that you have the right set of skills for and something that you are passionate about, then there’s really no point in trying to hesitate. When it all comes down to it, there is a pretty good chance that you already have everything that you need in order for you to get started.

Go after your dreams of setting up a wedding photography business today because the longer you delay it, the farther it will seem to get in the long run. Go after it while you still have the time, the resources, and the energy to do so. There really is no better day than today. Seize the moment and pursue your dreams while you still can because time is precious. You will never really know if you will be able to do it or not until you get to the point wherein you are actually getting it done so there really is no sense in wasting any more time at the end of the day.

Get in touch with the rest of the wedding photography community in your area.

These people will constantly inspire you and motivate you even if they don’t try too hard. When you constantly surround yourself with like-minded people, you will eventually absorb their energies and their passion for their craft which will in turn help you get better in your wedding photography as well. Reach out to them and spend time with them as much as possible. Share ideas and techniques. There are things that you don’t get to learn in school alone so enrich yourself with the experiences and with the knowledge gleaned from the other more experienced wedding photographers south wales that you may happen to know. This is also the perfect avenue for you to course through any needs that you might have such as advice, any equipment that you may need to borrow, and so on.

Clear your mind at the start of every day so that you are equipped enough for whatever you may have ahead of you during your wedding photography shoot.

As a human being, you will get to a point wherein you will easily get burned out or bored because of being overloaded with too many thoughts, worries, and so on. You need to make sure that you are able to bring along a fresh perspective every single day because this is the only way for you to learn new things and to continuously be excited for what you are trying to do or achieve in wedding photography. You don’t have to be a yoga expert in order for you to do this. Sometimes, you just have to sit down and really focus on nothing more than just your breathing and in clearing your head of any unnecessary thoughts that might block your creative thought processes during the wedding photography shoot.

Tips For Wedding Photographers To Grow Their Business

Wedding photographers should always back up their data twice.

wedding photography

When it comes to things like these, you should have enough good sense to really think about investing in really high quality external hard drives so that you have something reliable to store all of your images in. the whole point of the exercise is that you really can’t afford to store your images all in one place. You need to back up at least twice just to make sure that you have something to return to in the event that something happens to your other set of saved files. Most of the wedding photographers out there make sure that they have one hard drive on location and the other one off site. The difference in locations for the hard drives is basically what makes the setup statistic. Wedding photographers should really take care of their files because it is something that they have worked for and it really takes a lot of work when you come up with the entire shooting process when it all comes down to it.

Another thing that wedding photographers should always make sure that they do all of the time is for them to come up with a consistent and easy workflow.

If you are just starting out with things, you have to understand that this is the first thing that you will need to figure out when it all comes down to it. One of the most frustrating things that wedding photographers go through with is when they are trying to look for a file amidst those mountains of files and they won’t be able to find it because the files are just all over the place. You need to make sure that you take the time and the effort to really file and number your shoots consistently every single time. This is something that will get to help you touch up on your photos far quicker than you normally would for the other times wherein you don’t have that kind of system set up at some point or so. Editing the photos really can put on some kind of pressure for most of the wedding photographers out there because of the fact that you will almost always be working on a time crunch or on a very limited time window. Getting a consistent kind of photography workflow will help make your editing process so much easier to go through with and will probably even shave time off in the process.

More often than not, unless you are hired by all of those big shot magazines and other clients, then you should put in some kind of variation into the portfolio that you have up. More often than not, regular paid work for wedding photographers can be quite generic so you should really work on getting personal projects in the side that will be able to help keep you inspired all of the time. Try to work on projects that will get you to test out new lighting, new locations, new lenses, and so on and so forth.

Documentary Wedding Photography Quick Tips

wedding photography tipsThe first step in setting up coverage for documentary wedding photography is by always making sure that you get to meet up with the bride and groom so that you can establish an open line of communication. As the professional wedding photographer that the couple hired, your main role is to basically give life to the kind of vision that they have for the wedding coverage. You can’t do this if you don’t understand what they would like to happen in the first place. Spend time to really sit down with them and to really discuss all of the possible details with them. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. This is the perfect time for you to find out everything that you need to find out about the details that they would like to have during the documentary wedding photography shoot. You need to know exactly what you are getting into before you promise anything out to your clients at the end of the day.

Jot down notes

Make sure that you are able to jot down notes during your meeting with the bride and groom so that you don’t forget anything all throughout the entire process. This should be something that goes both ways as well. Discuss everything related to your documentary wedding photography service with them. Discuss everything from the pricing to the scope of work being offered out to the exact number of digital and printed pictures that they will be getting and even up to the turnaround time of the final finished photos, and so on and so forth.

Another important thing in being able to implement a successful documentary wedding photography shoot is by moving around as much as possible. Switch up your positions every now and then. Don’t be lazy with the angles and with the perspectives that you work with. The more variety you are able to bring into the mix, the better the photos will eventually turn out to be when it all comes down to it. Make sure that you are well prepped up for it and that you are in really great condition all of the time. Pick out a great pair of shoes that will enable you to move around comfortably and that will look great as well in the process.

Bring important gear

Bring only the gear that you absolutely need during the moment on you so that you don’t end up hurting your back with too much weight coming from the gear and so that you will be able to move fast with no problems whatsoever. Documentary wedding photography is a service that charges a certain premium because when it all comes down to it, it requires so much more time and so much more effort from the documentary wedding photographer. It’s quite ironic because the photos come out looking so natural and so effortless it is sometimes a bit difficult to believe how much work and technicality go into them when you come to think about it. This is something that the clients are always looking out for and something that they are able to really appreciate a lot so make sure that you bring in nothing but the best.

Important Gear That Wedding Photographers Need

Photography gear

wedding photographerThe most common struggle that wedding photographers out there commonly face is the issue of the photography gear that they need to start out with in their careers. The main reason why this can be such a struggle for most people is because money is usually short and hard to come by with and photography gear and accessories do not come cheap when it all comes down to it. You need to really do your research and you need to really know what you are doing and what to look for the moment that you step out that door and decide to go shopping for the equipment that you need in order for you to be able to start off with your photography career.

High quality cameras

You will first and foremost need a couple of high quality cameras to help you capture clear and crisp looking photos, of course. New wedding photographers are under the notion that they will be able to get away with using just one camera during official wedding photo shoots but what you should know straight up is the fact that this is something that can be really tricky and risky. A lot of things can happen during weddings. Your gear can break or can malfunction any time no matter how well you are able to take care of it. You need to bring a spare camera along with you just in case something happens. The camera will get to serve as your backup and as your insurance in case something happens to your main or primary gear. Being a new wedding photographer nottingham in the industry is basically not a good enough excuse. It is not something that your clients will be able to understand or accept. After all, they are paying you really good money for your professional services. It will only be fair for you to make sure that you have contingencies set in place and covered any time that something will happen. If you are worried about you not having enough money to get yourself a second camera just yet, there are always temporary solutions available for you to get to take advantage of when it all comes down to it. You can opt to borrow a spare camera from your friends in the meantime.


You will also need quite a collection of lenses. The most practical lens that wedding photographers usually start off with is the medium zoom lens and it only makes sense that you do so as well. It is a kind of lens that allows the use of both narrow perspectives and wide perspectives which means that you will be able to use it to either shoot portraits or group photos of large groups of people at the same time. At some point, it can more or less do a little of what the telephoto lens and what the wide angle lens will be able to do at the end of the day. Once you get enough money though, it would still be best if you get the telephoto lens and the wide angle lens as well.

Be A Top Expert In Wedding Photography

Put some kind of attention on the wedding dress.

wedding photographyNeglecting the wedding dress in wedding photography is a big mistake. The wedding dress is oftentimes white. When it all comes down to it, this is a trend that has been going on for the longest time running and there is a pretty good chance that this white dress trend can really go on for more years to come. The reason why the white dress can be such an issue is because of the fact that the camera does not just see a white dress. Instead, the camera tends to see a spot of light that runs the risk of making the dress come out looking dull in the images and that is not the kind of look that you should be going for when it all comes down to it. Luckily enough for you though, there is a pretty quick fix for the white dress issue. All that you will really need to do would be for you to put in some positive exposure compensation on your camera and that should make the dress come out looking more radiant than ever. Figure out the camera settings ahead of time and make sure that you know it like the back of your hand so that you don’t have to waste time during the wedding trying to figure it out.

Bring a tripod in all of your wedding photography shoots.

tripodCarry one even when you think you can get away with holding the camera by hand all throughout the said shoot. The tripod is something that can really free up your hands and is something that can help you come up with a better kind of composition for you’re the images that you are more or less trying to bring together at the end of the day. If bringing the tripod along with you proves to be an issue because of the fact that you find it a bit bothersome to have to lug the tripod around, then you should go for something that is more or less build for easy transport. You need something sturdy but something that is fairly light as well so that you don’t overexert yourself by having to bring a tripod along with you all of the time.

Stay quiet and stay under the radar when you are trying to pull together a wedding photography shoot.

You don’t want to end up attracting too much attention to yourself. As the official wedding photographer, you need to keep things kind of low key because this is the best way for you to be able to elicit the best kinds of expressions for the people that you are taking photos of. Try to avoid the use of flash because sudden spurts of harsh and extremely bright light can startle people and can end up making them feel a little bit too self conscious. You should also try to figure out the quiet shutter setting so that your camera doesn’t make too much nice while you are clicking away all throughout the wedding photo shoot.

Figure out what the lighting situation is in wedding photography so that you will know how to deal with it. You need to know if you need to prep for low light situations or high light situations.

Tips That Wedding Photographers Should Know

Wedding photographers always make it a point to be up close with the couple during the ceremony.

wedding photographyThe best kind of perspective that you could ever take of the couple during the ceremony is up close and personal. This will give you so much more control over the kind of angles that you will be able to take. More often than not, a lot of wedding photographers out there squat and take it low just to make things look or appear so much bigger than usual and that is something that can really bring in quite an impact to the images that you are able to take when it all comes down to it. Mind you, there are some churches that don’t really allow wedding photographers to be right next to the altar during the wedding ceremony so for instances like these, you need to make sure that you are able to get a telephoto lens mounted at the back of the room or of the cathedral so that you can still take your close up images even if you’re not allowed to be right by the altar as needed for the close up shots without the specialty lenses.

Learn your way around natural light.

Wedding photographers swear by the magic that natural light can really cast on the wedding photo shoot. Natural light is something hat is actually so much harder than it feels like and it is something that you need to figure out. Observe your way into the natural light craft and take the time to really learn as much about it as you possibly can. Natural light is broad and soft and that is just the perfect kind of illumination that most of the professional wedding photographers out there are really able to appreciate when it all comes down to it. Make it a point to really know all of the technicalities that come along with it and you should be just fine. If you can make do with not having to use flash photography or any other kinds of artificial lighting, then you should avoid it as much as you possibly can. If you can’t get the actual authentic natural kind of lighting, then you should go through the motions of at least mimicking natural light. Diffused light is basically the next best thing when it all comes down to it and it is definitely something that you should go for if the situation calls for it at the end of the day.

Smart and practical wedding photographers make it a point to really get a contract drawn up in the process.

A contract is something that can really more or less formalize the agreement. Make sure that all possible loopholes are always covered and more than that, you need to make sure that the contract is iron clad as much as possible. Get a lawyer to review the contract and to make sure that it is up to industry and legal standards when it all comes down to it.

Come up with a timeline for the wedding photo shoot.

This is something that wedding photographers have been practicing and something that you should learn how to do as well.

Mistakes In Tripod Use That A Wedding Photographer Shouldn’t Make

tripodAs a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are able to make sure that the surface area is firm enough to hold the weight of the tripod and the camera before you start erecting it. This is something that can happen a little more often than you would initially think and you need to make sure that you don’t make that kind of mistake because it is something that can be really quite costly for you and for the rest of your photography gear. At the end of the day, expensive photography gear and the possibility of getting sand in them is something that will not really pan out that well and you should be careful with it as much as possible.

Make sure that the ground that you are mounting the tripod on is stable so that the tripod and your camera don’t topple over in the process. If you need to shoot in the beach where sand can be a bit of an issue, put on some rubber suction caps at the bottom of the tripod legs just to widen the contact area a bit so that the tripod doesn’t end up sinking in the sand. You should also check the area when you are shooting somewhere rocky or in the grass or any area that might not be as flat as you would like them to be.

Don’t touch the center column of the tripod right away when you have a need for elevation.

This is something that a lot of wedding photographers tend to make a mistake out of. The center column is one of the most sensitive parts of the tripod and should be something that you should avoid from using as much as possible especially when there are other elevation options such as the tripod legs. Messing up the center column of the tripod can really put the dynamics way out of order and more than that, they are not the sturdiest parts of the tripod either so you need to avoid using it as much as possible. Make it a habit for you to always extend the legs of the tripod first whenever you have a need for added height for the kind of camera angle that you are going for. The center column should be the last resort if you can help it.

Refrain from extending the bottom legs of the tripod if you can help it.

The bottom parts of the tripod legs are usually not as strong as the top ones. They are usually slimmer because they have to more or less slide into the top parts of the legs. That should be something for you to remember one way or the other. Unless it is absolutely required, or that you need a little more height than usual, then that should be the time for you to touch the bottom parts of the legs.

Dismount the camera from the tripod whenever you need to move to a different place.

Don’t be a lazy wedding photographer. You might end up smashing your camera right into a wall that way and that’s always a bad risk you shouldn’t be taking.

How Wedding Photographers Should Blog

Wedding photographers need to understand that the purpose of the blog.

wedding photographyThe blog is really meant for the future clients to look into. Do not be one of those wedding photographers out there who tremendously underestimate the value of what a well written wedding photography blog can bring in for as far as marketing and acquiring new clients is concerned. The blog is your golden ticket to the future and something that you should be working on developing as much as possible. A blog can direct much needed traffic to your site, making sure that what you have in there reaches more people than ever. It will also make sure that for as long people are typing in searches related to your blog, your blog should come up as well one way or the other. It is strategic and smart and something that you should be banking on to really get your business through the day.

You should utilize the blog to help you get in touch with the vendors providing in the wedding service industry.

Smart wedding photographers make sure that they are always able to network with the people that they work with in the weddings that they book. The blog is the perfect platform for you to network with the rest of the people you work with in the weddings that you do get to cover. Get your second shooter to collect the info of the rest of the wedding service providers when the actual wedding is under way. If the couple hired a wedding planner, then you should try to get in touch with the planner instead. There is a pretty good chance that he the wedding planner has all of the business cards of the vendors. You need the names of all of the vendors alongside live links that will lead up to their own sites. Reach out to the vendors once you are done with the blog. Send them a short email stating that you have showcased them in your blog. They will be more than happy to share the link in their own channels and get your blog entry better traction more than ever.

Keep the title of the post simple

There is only one formula to stick to. You do not need anything too eloquent and flowery when it comes to the composition of the title of the blog post. The formula is pretty simple. Get the names of the couple (first names only, as much as possible), the name of the wedding venue, and then the location where it is going to be held in. anything more than that and the title will end up being a little too long and wordy and that is the last thing that you might want to go for at the end of the day.

Work on your writing skills

Wedding photographers are not all just about shooting the images; they should be able to write too. If you want to come up with high quality content, you will need to be able to write it one way or the other. Take the time to really build your content up. There is no need for you to rush through it all.