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Mistakes In Tripod Use That A Wedding Photographer Shouldn’t Make

tripodAs a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are able to make sure that the surface area is firm enough to hold the weight of the tripod and the camera before you start erecting it. This is something that can happen a little more often than you would initially think and you need to make sure that you don’t make that kind of mistake because it is something that can be really quite costly for you and for the rest of your photography gear. At the end of the day, expensive photography gear and the possibility of getting sand in them is something that will not really pan out that well and you should be careful with it as much as possible.

Make sure that the ground that you are mounting the tripod on is stable so that the tripod and your camera don’t topple over in the process. If you need to shoot in the beach where sand can be a bit of an issue, put on some rubber suction caps at the bottom of the tripod legs just to widen the contact area a bit so that the tripod doesn’t end up sinking in the sand. You should also check the area when you are shooting somewhere rocky or in the grass or any area that might not be as flat as you would like them to be.

Don’t touch the center column of the tripod right away when you have a need for elevation.

This is something that a lot of wedding photographers tend to make a mistake out of. The center column is one of the most sensitive parts of the tripod and should be something that you should avoid from using as much as possible especially when there are other elevation options such as the tripod legs. Messing up the center column of the tripod can really put the dynamics way out of order and more than that, they are not the sturdiest parts of the tripod either so you need to avoid using it as much as possible. Make it a habit for you to always extend the legs of the tripod first whenever you have a need for added height for the kind of camera angle that you are going for. The center column should be the last resort if you can help it.

Refrain from extending the bottom legs of the tripod if you can help it.

The bottom parts of the tripod legs are usually not as strong as the top ones. They are usually slimmer because they have to more or less slide into the top parts of the legs. That should be something for you to remember one way or the other. Unless it is absolutely required, or that you need a little more height than usual, then that should be the time for you to touch the bottom parts of the legs.

Dismount the camera from the tripod whenever you need to move to a different place.

Don’t be a lazy wedding photographer. You might end up smashing your camera right into a wall that way and that’s always a bad risk you shouldn’t be taking.