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Wedding Photography Styles: Fine Art vs. Reportage

fine art wedding photographySo many styles in capturing wedding event are buzzing and trending and you are probably confused to decide which one would suit you and your wedding better, because everybody is saying that both looks great.

All styles and trends have their point of beauty. The only question lies in which one do you like more to see in your wedding album and how will they fit with your wedding? Here we will specifically compare reportage style and fine art wedding photography for you to help you make your decision!

Fine Art Photography

Among many trending style of wedding photography that couples have been asking about is fine art style. Fine Art wedding photography is a style that prioritizes visual quality, aesthetics and beauty of pictures, while still depicting a story of narrative in mind. Fine art photography makes use of different enhancements you can use to create a beautiful piece of art in a single picture and conveying a strong emotion of beauty, darkness, happiness, etc, while still maintaining a story within its pictures.

A very powerful element in here is that fine art cannot be defined. The beauty that you see will be different with what others perceive and that is where the uniqueness lies at. No one person will be able to shove you a bullet list of what fine art wedding photography like that of  http://www.juliaandyou.com/ should consists of; the enhancements, editing skills, photography techniques and poses all depend on photographer’s eye.

Fine art wedding photography typically makes extraordinary framed pictures. Since they emit beauty and aesthetics on first look, they liven up the atmosphere of the room either brightly, or elegantly. In a wedding album, you won’t be able to stop gasping and gapping at how beautiful your wedding had look like, because you had to walk around and stand for a very long time for the procession! It makes the onlookers jealous with how pretty you were.


Commonly misused and misunderstood term in photography is reportage. The essence of photojournalism is storytelling; the pictures are not necessarily shining and beautiful, but when joined together with other pictures, it creates a timeless, story-like book; a wonderful wedding album. The keyword here is timeless and story.

Unlike fine art, this style emphasizes heavily on how the story flow and chronological order of assembling the pictures. Enhancements are not necessary as originality is better for such pictures, which is why many photographers make use of B&W effects and grayscale filters to better grasp the element of eternality.

Reportage technique when done exactly creates a great wedding album to remember; they typically helps the oldest couple remember the day vividly with the pictures that have ordered and designed as such to be flipped over and over again by its owner. Emotions and importance of the events are emphasized and everything looks very natural. When framed, the reportage style gives the picture a living story you can always recall and tell to people that admire it. Black and white effect gives it a timeless feeling that even though you’ve used it for the last 30 years, it will only look like it was taken yesterday.

Such is the difference between them, and hopefully you are able to make a great decision for your wedding!