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How to Be an Equine Photographer

equine photographerWhat does it take for some to become a professional equine photographer? Is there a special degree for it or maybe special protective equipment to wear when facing horses?

Love for horses

It’s not a degree or a fancy camera. The first and foremost thing you need to have is your love towards horses. They are majestic creatures and can be really different from one another depending on their breed and how they are raised. Horses can be skittish and get scared easily or aggressive and may try to kick you the first time you get near them.

Moreover, if you understand horses, you know actions you shouldn’t do that can trigger them and how to avoid injuries. You will find yourself easier to communicate with your clients which will make them feel more relaxed about the photography session.

Get a car

Most of your clients will be people who live close to stables and those places can be quite far from the center of the city. There might only be a few public transportations available for you to ride to reach those places. So, the best way to reach these places would be to drive a car yourself. You can decide when to go home and not be pressured by time to chase after the bus that only comes every other hour.

Enjoy yourself

When it comes to working a freelance job as an equine photographer, you might have to spend most of the time alone. Whenever there is someone else, that person would be a part-timer, your clients or the horses. It’s a job that can make an equine photographer feel lonely, but certainly worth it if you are doing something that you love!

You can still be sociable with fellow equine photographers by joining organizations and communities. Talk about your experience as an equine photographer and connect with your followers on social media.

Get inventive!

When it comes to stables, there really isn’t much to take pictures of. Most stables look the same and they can be very dirty and rundown at times. So, you need to be careful in choosing what kind of background you want to use to take pictures of the horses. You will have to use anything that is available and rely on the golden hour to get that majestic look on the horse.

You may also ask your client regarding any good spot to take pictures at. Your clients do know better of the surrounding area and may even bring you to a secret spot behind that forest!

Motivate the rider

Some people are really shy when it comes to posing in front of the camera and they become too conscious. One way to help them is to become someone they are familiar with, so try to get sociable with them. Encourage them by telling to just ignore you. Just be the rider that loves his horse with all his heart and you can see that your client’s eyes will be to show the love that’s worth capturing!

Being an equine photographer like Emma Ziff Photography may not pay much. But it’s a job that brings so much joy because you’re doing what you love the most.