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Here’s What a Wedding Photographer Does

wedding photographer DerbyshireIf you ask what a wedding photographer Derbyshire does, we’d say that to each his own standard. Wedding photography is one of those jobs where you can set your own standard and not be burdened to offer similar things like others. It is especially true when you’ve already made a name for yourself as a wedding photographer.

But what we are about to mention are things that typically wedding photographers provide to their client which often becomes a norm. If you are a beginner, this will become a great guide to start your business!

Free consultation

All photographers allow their clients to meet up with them whenever the time allows. It’s a consultation session for them as they mostly are in the phase of choosing the right photographer. It’s your chance to seal the deal and make the customer like you! But first, you need to make it clear that you are available for consultation with anyone.


It can be done with or without the couple at the venue. However, it’s best that if you are still a beginner, to visit the place and practice before the actual day. Nervousness can really affect your job performance and get used to the place, people and job are the keys to it. It will also show your clients that you are responsible and doing your best for the job and they will also give you more trust.

Some clients will want to ask you if you usually come to wedding rehearsals. You can point out that although you don’t have the years of experience others have, you have the tenacity to level up yourself with them. And one of it is through attending as many preparation events as possible.

Picture editing

A professional wedding photographer Derbyshire has to be a proficient photo editor as well, like The pictures that you captured can be enhanced to look at their best and these are what you also want to show to your potential clients.

The hard part here is the number of pictures that you are willing to edit. Admittedly, it takes a lot of time to edit 70-100 pictures for a wedding album and takes much more time if you want to edit more. The fee that you charge may or may not cover the time that you spend. This depends on how you want to work but remember that it has to be seen as a value that is worth the money by the client.

Extra coverage

Depending on the package, you can offer them to shoot for a different session and include it in the album or not. It could be for their bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, something extra for them. Most of the time, a wedding photographer Derbyshire would give extra 2 hours for any package above a certain price.

It’s certainly important that you make a wedding photography package that looks interesting for clients. Yet, you cannot be too focused on it that you forget what they really want; a professional wedding photographer that captures the best wedding pictures.

4 Useful Things to Know About Wedding Flowers

wild wedding flowersWedding flowers, ah. It’s one of brides’ favorite part in a wedding. The flowers that you will carry in your hand down as your father walks you down the aisle. That bouquet of flower means so much at this wedding and you probably want the best wild wedding flowers to be used.

While it seems fun, the journey of searching for the most beautiful and dazzling flowers can bring you are a lot of disappointment if you don’t prepare yourself!

Careful of references!

We understand that a lot of brides find references from various online sources such as Pinterest and Weheartit. They really show some of the best wedding bouquet design from the most creative florists. You might be eager to show your florist those designs or want to pick up a certain flower from that design to be used.

But often than not, brides don’t realize that those flowers don’t bloom year-round. Some of them only bloom for a brief time and you might not be able to get them for your wedding flowers. If that’s the case, then what can you do?

Import or replace

One way to do it is to have the flowers sent from other parts of the world where the flower blooms. It could be as close as the state below you or as far as the neighboring country. But that is pretty complicated and will mean extra fee on your side. The next option is to replace the flowers.

This means replacing them with existing flowers that bloom by then but bears a similar resemblance to the flower you want. This is not an easy thing to do because your florist has to be creative and possess enough knowledge about wild wedding flowers, like You can check out some references here, too!

Drawbacks of flowers!

Flowers are plants and often they are named based on their characteristics. For example, baby’s breath is called so due to the smell of sour milk when a lot of them are gathered. Hence, ‘baby’s breath’ smell. Other flowers, such as Lily of the Valley, Azalea or Chrysanthemum can be poisonous to animals or humans. Depending on your guests and party, you also need to be careful about the choice of flowers you make!

But don’t worry, not every flower is poisonous such as roses and you can also put them in places where animals don’t generally climb up to eat them. Not when you are serving tasty food!

Caring for them

Some florists send the flowers one day before your wedding because they don’t want to be late on the next day. Having the flowers at home are ready to go is also easier for you, but the challenges lie in caring for it. One day of lack of care can make the flowers look dead and awful.

Ask your florist to help you with it if you are not sure how to do it. Otherwise, you need to Google about it from the amount of water for the wild wedding flowers to how to care for the ribbons if you have them. You also need to make sure the flowers are dipped in preservatives to keep them fresh.