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Being a Wedding Photographer Can Be Tough

Being a wedding photographer can be really tough.

wedding photography tipsThere are a lot of things that will be required of you. You will be required to be really creative and to have a fairly sharp focus and attention for the composition of your photos. You will also be required to have a bit of a technical background when it comes to the handling of equipment as well as the execution of the shots that are being taken at some point or so. This is something that can turn out to be really tough and challenging when it all comes down to it. There are so many things that you will have to learn one way or the other and you won’t be able to learn them all in one fell swoop.

Try to learn as much as you can.

Read up on a lot of instructional books, articles, tutorials, videos, and so on and so forth. Try to get as much experience and as much training as you possibly can get your hands on as a wedding photographer. Still, despite all of these efforts, it will be a bit impossible for you to learn everything that you need to learn all at once. Be patient with yourself as much as possible. Don’t pressure yourself too much over it. If you come across some learning curves or some issues in trying to figure things out and it’s taking you a bit of time and difficulty to go ahead and do so, that’s really quite normal. More than that, it really is quite alright. You need to learn how not to beat yourself up too much over it. The truth of the matter is that things will eventually work out for you in the end.

Have patience.

You just really need to make sure that you get to have patience for things and take things at your own pace and in your own time as a professional wedding photographer. There really is no need for you to worry too much about whether you will be coming into the shoot knowing everything that you need to know. There are some things that you will just have to learn on the fly as a wedding photographer. The long and short of it all is the fact that it will technically take you a whole lot of time before you will become a master of your craft in wedding photography. You can get ideas from sites like

You need to make sure that you are able to more or less take things a day at a time.

Progress, no matter how small, is still considered as substantial progress. That alone should be more than enough to more or less keep you going so that you will continue to move forward and continue to keep struggling and working on your craft as a professional wedding photographer. Take note of this as much as possible and make sure that you are always able to keep this at heart. There will be times wherein you will feel as if the going is getting tough and as if you are taking an uphill climb. Stay true to your course and keep moving on.

Reinvent Wedding Photography Today

There is no room or space for any major mistakes on your end in wedding photography.

Your clients are basically paying you a really hefty fee for your services. More than that, you are responsible for the most important day in their lives. This is not the kind of responsibility that you should be taking lightly at the end of the day. You need to make sure that you really get to prepare for things ahead of time. One thing that you will need to make sure you are able to watch out for as much as possible is the way that you save your files. You need to back things up as much as possible.

Make sure that all of your memory cards are well maintained.

Routinely wipe your memory cards clean so that they are always in the best possible shape at the end of the day. Buy a couple of high quality external hard drives and make a habit out of constantly backing your files up to these hard drives. It will make your life so much easier knowing that your files are safe and stored separately the entire time. Your image files are basically your most valuable possessions other than your actual photography gear. You have to keep in mind of the fact that you have worked hard to get your files. Once the wedding is over, all that is left from the event are the photos that have been taken from the event. Once you lose your files and you didn’t back them up in any way, shape or form, there is no way for you to bring your files back. Not backing up your files is just downright irresponsible and you need to make sure that you do not get to commit this kind of mistake.

You should also be particular with the kind of makeup that is being used or worn by the bride.

The wrong kind of makeup look really can ruin a London wedding photography shoot in so many ways than you could ever imagine. You need to make sure that you are able to take care of this as much as possible. Ask the bride if she will be willing to get a test run and have the makeup artist give out a sample makeup job so that you will be able to see if it is a kind of look that will work for your particular style of wedding photography. Take note of the makeup artists who complement your wedding photography style and try to keep the list with you all of the time so that you will be able to have something that you can recommend to your clients in case they have a need for makeup artists and in case they ask around for any referrals. You need to make sure that the right kind of makeup is always worn by the bride because this is the best way for you to make her the star of the entire show.

Wedding Photography Strategies For Starters

Learn how to network your way into the wedding photography industry.

wedding photography tipsIf you are not the type of person who likes to speak up in public or who likes to talk to strangers without preamble, you will still need to learn how to network as much as possible. This is crucial to you and to the growth of your wedding photography career. You need to practice the way that you are able to pitch yourself in front of the mirror. You need to get over any anxieties that you may have when it comes to networking and slowly work your way in as much as possible. You don’t have to start with anything outrageous or anything that is too drastic. You can just start things out slow.

Print out a bunch of great looking business cards that say something about your wedding photography services.

Make a habit out of giving out your business cards whenever you get a chance to do so. Give out your business cards during the wedding photography shoots that you cover so that people will more or less have something to remember you by and so that they will know how to contact you or where to look for you in case they have any need for you and for your wedding photography services. Constantly keep in touch with the rest of the other service vendors that you may happen to come across or work with during the wedding photography shoots that you work in and reach out to them as much as possible. The most effective way to be able to go ahead and do it would be to send them an email advising them that you have featured them in your wedding photography blog. You should have your second shooter go around collecting their contact info and at the same time disseminate your contact info as well during the wedding photography shoot.

Make it a point to really ask the rest of the other wedding photographers in the wedding photography community to go ahead and ask for any feedback that they might be able to more or less give out to you. Take this time to really learn about who you are and what point you are in in your alternative wedding photography career.

Don’t easily fold in to criticisms.

You should use this to motivate yourself to improve all the more and not to be discouraged instead. Build yourself up as much as possible coming from the comments as well as the rest of the info that you are able to hear from the assessments of your fellow wedding photography professionals. There will always be some room for you to basically improve on in your wedding photography career.

Don’t be complacent with what you know or with what you have now.

Make it your constant journey to really improve yourself and to get better and better at what you do when it all comes down to it. Have a bunch of short term goals related to your wedding photography skills and constantly keep things in check as much as possible.

Abiding by the Dress Code as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyIf you are a wedding photographer who always seems to be out of sorts about all of the right things to wear whenever he is attending a wedding, you are not alone. A lot of new wedding photographers actually go through this struggle on a daily basis. This can be doubly challenging for guys and women who don’t really care too much about what they are wearing or who aren’t as fashion conscious as the others out there. Although you may not personally care too much about the kind of clothes that you get to wear to the wedding event, this may not be the case with how your clients see it and with how you are expected to look like and present yourself when you show up during the wedding.

You should always aim to look great all throughout the process and you should always make your clients feel proud that they hired you. You certainly don’t want to end up making them feel a bit embarrassed that they hired you because you showed up looking shabby just so different from how the rest of the crowd looks like, do you? It’s just not the kind of thing that you would want to do when it all comes down to it.

Ask your clients straight up

This can be quite difficult to pull off especially when you are the type of Manchester wedding photographer who ends up constantly doubting himself in the process of dressing up. If this is a real struggle for you, one thing that you can aim for is to just ask your clients straight up how they expect you to look like during the event. It’s not an embarrassing question and you can be quite rest assured that they have probably been asked that exact same question by guests that they have invited so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask them about it either.

Pay attention for foreign culture

You should pay particular attention to this especially when there is a foreign culture or a specific religion involved. There will be a lot of instances wherein guests will be required to dress a certain way and that is a tidbit of info that you need to get your hands on no matter what happens or you might end up embarrassing yourself the moment that you show up looking completely inappropriate during the wedding day.

One particular example is the common predilection to wear white during weddings.

Although this is a fairly common trend, there are some cultures out there that have a strong view on wearing white. The Chinese culture in particular only wear white when they are attending funerals. They wear red and other festive colors when they are attending weddings. This is something that you should know ahead of time and that is why you should always ask.

Try to identify as well what type of setting it will turn out to be.

Will it be a formal event, a semi formal one, or something more casual like a relaxed beach wedding event? This will give you a bit of an idea about how the rest of the other people attending the wedding will dress like.

Why Becoming a Master Wedding Photographer Takes Time

Becoming a wedding photographer is not an overnight process.

wedding photography tipsIt is an ever continuing and ongoing journey that doesn’t really end until the moment that you hang up that DSLR strap and choose a life of retirement after having lived a full one. It can be quite common for every new wedding photographer out there to always aim to perfect his craft in the soonest possible time. This is what you are probably thinking right now. You want to be good, better, the best at what you do and you want it all to happen right now. Guess what, it won’t. More than that, it probably won’t happen until after a fairly long time. This is no reason for you to be frustrated. This is no reason for you to stop doing what you would like to do as a professional wedding photographer either. It should be enough reason for you to keep waking up excited for something new to learn every single day.

The excitement that you have for your job as a wedding photographer is an indicating factor of whether or not this is something that you will be able to do for a very long time. This is worth thinking about given that you are allotting a considerable amount of funds and time on launching your career as a wedding photographer so you might as well make sure that your passion for it is really there and this is not going to be a fly-by-night project of yours that you end up doing halfway then you stop short and move on to the next thing that tickles your fancy.

Be committed and dedicated

As a wedding photographer, you need to be fully committed and dedicated to what you do and to what you are trying to pull off with your craft. If you have to go ahead and do the menial tasks so that you will know your way in and around the industry by starting from the bottom and eventually going up, then by all means, go ahead and do it. No one is putting you on some kind of a deadline. When it all comes down to it, the only deadline that matters is one that you put yourself.

Make sure that you are wise enough to know that there shouldn’t be such a deadline in the first place.

It shouldn’t be there at all because the truth is that it will take you a very long time before you will ever be able to call yourself a true master wedding photographer. You are going to need tons and tons of work hours and weddings booked back to back to back before you will get remotely close to where you would like to be in the long run so have patience with yourself. Don’t pressure yourself too much and don’t try to remember too many things all at once. Bask in the experience and opt to enjoy it instead. If you walk down this road, your journey towards becoming a kent wedding photographer will be a fruitful and rewarding one.