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How Wedding Photographers Should Blog

Wedding photographers need to understand that the purpose of the blog.

wedding photographyThe blog is really meant for the future clients to look into. Do not be one of those wedding photographers out there who tremendously underestimate the value of what a well written wedding photography blog can bring in for as far as marketing and acquiring new clients is concerned. The blog is your golden ticket to the future and something that you should be working on developing as much as possible. A blog can direct much needed traffic to your site, making sure that what you have in there reaches more people than ever. It will also make sure that for as long people are typing in searches related to your blog, your blog should come up as well one way or the other. It is strategic and smart and something that you should be banking on to really get your business through the day.

You should utilize the blog to help you get in touch with the vendors providing in the wedding service industry.

Smart wedding photographers make sure that they are always able to network with the people that they work with in the weddings that they book. The blog is the perfect platform for you to network with the rest of the people you work with in the weddings that you do get to cover. Get your second shooter to collect the info of the rest of the wedding service providers when the actual wedding is under way. If the couple hired a wedding planner, then you should try to get in touch with the planner instead. There is a pretty good chance that he the wedding planner has all of the business cards of the vendors. You need the names of all of the vendors alongside live links that will lead up to their own sites. Reach out to the vendors once you are done with the blog. Send them a short email stating that you have showcased them in your blog. They will be more than happy to share the link in their own channels and get your blog entry better traction more than ever.

Keep the title of the post simple

There is only one formula to stick to. You do not need anything too eloquent and flowery when it comes to the composition of the title of the blog post. The formula is pretty simple. Get the names of the couple (first names only, as much as possible), the name of the wedding venue, and then the location where it is going to be held in. anything more than that and the title will end up being a little too long and wordy and that is the last thing that you might want to go for at the end of the day.

Work on your writing skills

Wedding photographers are not all just about shooting the images; they should be able to write too. If you want to come up with high quality content, you will need to be able to write it one way or the other. Take the time to really build your content up. There is no need for you to rush through it all.

Basic Gear For Wedding Photographers

Primary camera and secondary camera

dslr cameraThere is a pretty good chance that you already have your basic camera to begin with. It just makes sense at some point or so considering the fact that you are passionate enough about wedding photography to actually make a career out of it. What you need to understand though is that if you want to join the ranks of these professional wedding photographers, then you will need to make sure that you also have a second camera in tow. This is where a lot of people tend to stumble with especially when they are just starting out with their careers. Cameras cost a lot of money and having to buy two can really be pushing it just a little bit too hard for some people who do not necessarily have huge stacks of cash lying around one way or the other. One solution to the second camera issue would be for you to tap on your photography connections and borrow a camera or two from your friends. If this is not possible, then have no fear because there are a lot of places out there that rent out cameras on a per event basis.

Telephoto lens and wide angle lens

These basic lenses are something that you should seriously be checking out because you are going to need them in most (if not all) of your shots. A telephoto lens can be extremely helpful for all of those times wherein you will have to move back a little and keep a pretty good amount of distance but somehow still needing to produce those highly treasured close up shots. This is not something that is easy to do and you should make sure that you are at least armed for it to make your life just a little bit easier as compared to not having it in the first place. The second lens you will technically need is a wide angle lens. This type of lens lets you take care of all of those group photos that weddings are so notorious for without that much hassle and difficulty. You will also be able to take photos of architectural designs of churches, arches, gazebos, and so on and so forth.

tripodHigh quality camera bag

You will need a high quality camera bag to more or less bring everything together. Wedding photographers the whole world over know this to be an absolute necessity. You will need to go for something that is sturdy and something that is meant for harsh weather elements such as extreme heat or rain or a little of both. Go for something that is fairly compartmentalized so that you can separately store your photography gear in separate little parts. Go for something that is padded so that it can withstand rough handling at some point.


A tripod is something that can really provide your camera with the kind of support and stability that it needs for those times wherein you are shooting in low light settings. You can minimize those little vibrations coming from the cameras.